Does Mentor Financial Group Really Fund Deals?

Mentor Financial Group Reviews Deal Funding

Mentor Financial Group Reviews Deal Funding

Type Mentor Financial Group into google and it’s likely you’ll see various information about Peter Conti and Jerry Norton. They are the two partners in Mentor Financial Group who decided to make it easy for anyone to make money without having to own or manage any real estate.

The way that they did this came as a result of their own experience buying, fixing up, and reselling houses in various markets across the United  States. Peter Conti was an auto mechanic when he started investing in 1990.  Within just a few years he had become a self made millionaire.

Jerry Norton worked in construction installing underground cables for communication. Jerry did his first deal in 2004 right when the real estate market was starting to sink in most areas. His expertise was on flipping houses. He knew that if he bought a house cheap enough, he could fix it up and then resell it even in a bad real estate market.

Well, Peter Conti and Jerry Norton started working together a few years ago and they’ve combined forces to provide opportunities for the little guy (or gal) to get out there and make some money  even if they don’t have any cash, credit, or experience.

They make it easy for anyone to profit from real estate without having to own or manage anything because of three things that Mentor Financial Group provides:

Step by step help – Peter & Jerry will show you how to find great deals in any market any where in the United States.

  1. Cash to fund deals – Peter & Jerry provide the cash to buy and fix up properties that meet their basic criteria.
  2. Get paid without working – They even have a program called the Quick Flip Money Machine that allows you to get paid $10,000 up front, right when they buy the house. Then you can go look for even more deals while they take care of fixing up and reselling the house.

When Peter Conti started investing in 1990 it was not possible to get this kind of help and cash funding for real estate investor deals. Peter says that he loves to hear from clients of Mentor Financial Group when they send emails saying “I just did my first deal… Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Peter & Jerry!

So if you are just looking for a real estate loan and want to do the deal entirely yourself, then I would not suggest using Mentor Financial Group. However, if you are looking for a way to make money without owning or managing any real estate then you should definitely check out Peter Conti and Jerry Norton’s Mentor Financial Group.